Kylie tried so hard to hide this, but we found out!

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Kylie Minogue has been hiding something large from the world and here are Clear Warm we’ve found her secret. She has recently got engaged! She didn’t want the world to know but we’ve got inside scoop on her engagement AND her engagement ring!

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Kylie, 48, was seen with her new fiancé Joshua Sasse heading to the gym. She has been keeping her engagement ring under wraps as she wanted “something that was just between Joshua and myself”, however she was proudly flaunting her new rock. The hitmaker was wearing casual clothing in Nike leggings and a T-shirt heading to a gym in West London. She gave onlookers a huge flash of her diamond encrusted engagement ring and her new fiancé looked proud to be by her side.

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The ‘spin me round’ singer looks smitten with her ‘beau’ and said “she is having the time of her life” with Sasse. Sasse is a British actor with minor roles in Hollywood. A large sticking point in the relationship before the engagement was the age difference. There is a 20 year age gap between the pair with Kylie being the older. Reports lead us to believe there was some major arguments stemming from not only the age gap, but jealousy on the side of Kylie. She had apparently found texts on Joshua’s phone from his co-star on ‘Galavant’, Karen David. She quickly nipped this in the bud and gave him an ultimatum, in which he obviously chose his now fiancé.

We with the couple all the best in the future, and with the size of that ring we don’t think there will be any arguments in the near future!

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